I can’t wait until the Humane AiPin arrives!

Got it in sync with IA Writer!


Latest Status

Time to clean up my digital platforms and truly enjoying Tana and Sunsama and ClickUp. Losing interest in Notion and Craft is coming back. I need simplicity.

Another regatta.

Enjoying the day!

Checkng out a local coffee shop!

I did a little coding and got most of my issues resolved with indieweb. some clean-up today. It took me a little time to fix exposure, ghost, mastodon and smugmug. I finally know what to do. I also consolidated down to one domain. :-) I have a bad habit of hoarding domains. opps. Getting better!

Time for the 2023 June Regatta Lake Nokomis!

More pictures developing here: Regatta

I updated Apple Watch to the development release. Working great and buttons changed. new widgets. I like it a lot. The iphone update is just not anything special yet.

I installed iOS 17 Developer Release. I am trying to find the differences and what makes it better. Not found yet including the journal app. oh well. Still a work in process.