: I can’t wait until the Humane AiPin arrives!

: Got it in sync with IA Writer! Test2

: Latest Status

: Time to clean up my digital platforms and truly enjoying Tana and Sunsama and ClickUp. Losing …

: 2023 Duluth Regatta by Tom Haus on Exposure

: Another regatta.

: Enjoying the day!

: Checkng out a local coffee shop!

: I did a little coding and got most of my issues resolved with indieweb. some clean-up today. It took …

: Time for the 2023 June Regatta Lake Nokomis! More pictures developing here: Regatta

: I updated Apple Watch to the development release. Working great and buttons changed. new widgets. I …

: I installed iOS 17 Developer Release. I am trying to find the differences and what makes it better. …